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It's hard to be a writer who knows they are good … but wants to be even better.

There's no shame in that game!

It means you are someone who values the magical power of words and language to transform the world around us in profound and meaningful ways.

That sets you apart from a vast majority of the writers out there these days.

You're pretty special.

Are you…

A driven writer who wants to find other like-minded writers to connect with?

Committed to taking the time to improve your writing craft but you have no idea where you'd even start?

Looking for training, resources, and events to help you figure this all out but continue to come up short with all the reading, courses, and makeshift groups you've put together?

That's where Close the Gap comes in!

You will transform from being a writer who is struggling to do this all themselves, to being a professional kick-ass writer who knows their weaknesses (and strengths!) and how to use them.

With a full community of other driven writers behind you.

Celebrating your wins, assessing those losses, finding your individual writing life balance, learning and growing as a writer - we’ve got it all covered!


First column posted today!!! You have been absolutely instrumental in helping me get the creative juices flowing, and then articulating myself well - so thank you for all the moral support, guidance, copy editing (of course!), and all the in between!

Carrie McKeegan - Columnist INC & Co-Founder Greenback Tax Services

I usually greet the edits of proofreaders and editors with boredom. To this day, CYC are the best content editors I have ever worked with. For the first time, I was significantly challenged--and thrilled--by an editor. Because of them, I've produced my best work ever; featured in major publications in both print and media.

Basel Farag - Freelance Writer and iOS Programmer

CYC’s help with writing and editing was the key turning factor in an extremely important breaking point for my business. They helped me to present my ideas in precisely the right way for the situation, and while they made everything sound way more professional, they also preserved my ideas in a way that I could still identify with.

Simon Payne - ConvertPlayer & LeadPages

Craft Your Content is one of those rare agencies that combines pure talent with personality and results-driven work. They have an incredible knack for pulling out the very best in your writing, refining your voice so you sound like “you”, and strategically forming copy that not only sells, but draws the reader in and doesn’t let them go.

Jill Stanton - Screw The Nine-To-Five

We had a new business meeting with the head of marketing for a huge company and he said that he thinks our marketing/thought leadership (particularly the Medium publication) is some of the best he's ever seen. I attribute much of that to the editing help CYC has given us.

Sam Spurlin - Managing Editor at The Ready

A unique mastery of copywriting, editing and writing; you are not just line-editors—you are a thought-partner and visionary.

Jenny Blake - Author of PIVOT and Life After College
Online Writing Community

Hosted on the Circle platform, these forums are split into different conversations and topics, so you can focus on what matters to you and your craft.

Monthly Calls and Events

Aside from regular Monthly Calls with Elisa (you can learn more about her below), there are also virtual member events, expert interviews, and masterminds.

VIP Vault

An ever-growing and adapting vault of all the documents, processes, systems, resources, and toolkits that we use with our editing and coaching clients. But you get it ALL here.

The Writers Journaling System

Our unique journaling system created specifically for driven writers who want to improve their craft, hit their goals, and create a writing life they love.

 And if you need one more reason…

You won’t have to do any of it on your own! You’ll have the support, encouragement, and community of other like-minded writers who are committed to improving their writing craft.


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Why Close the Gap?

There's a concept of "the gap" in creative circles, popularized by an interview with Ira Glass from This American Life.

"The gap" is the space between where you are currently and where you want to be. The only way to cross this gap, for writers or artists or performers or anyone using their mind to create, and that is to keep working at your craft.

Our community is specifically designed to help driven writers do just that, with the support of their peers and the knowledge from a team of writing and editing experts. 

Elisa Doucette

Elisa is a writer, editor, and coach who travels the world looking for great stories to live and interesting tales to share. She has worked for over two decades creating compelling content; writing and editing for various brands and publications, and coaching thousands of writers.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Yahoo! Small Business, The Shine Network, The Huffington Post, and Brazen Careerist among others. Two of her columns have been syndicated (The Single Slice on MaineToday and Shattering Glass on Forbes), and you can get her weekly essays on writing mindset and craft in our weekly newsletter, The Writing Rundown.

Elisa has appeared as a guest on radio shows and podcasts around the web, such as Frommer's Radio, Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Business of Writing, The Writing Coach, and The Chris Hahn Show, as well as hosting Writers’ Rough Drafts. She has spoken on international stages like BlogHer, WordCamp, Word Circles, and other quality content programs.


This all sounds great but what if…

I don’t have a flexible schedule?

That's ok! Close the Gap is a fully asynchronous community. This means you can access forums, call & event replays, resources, member matching, and more anytime of the day that works for you!

I don’t like Close the Gap? 

Totally understand! This level of introspection isn’t for everyone. If you would like to cancel within the first 14 days of your membership, you can! No hard feelings.

I need help or have questions?

Aside from the unexpected bonus of having an entire community of people, working on similar goals, and ready to help each other with anything that comes up — I’ll be in the group regularly, as well as various members of our team. Or you can always email our support team by replying to any email we send!


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