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Craft Your Content’s mission is twofold: to help our clients become excellent writers, and to help them do so while retaining their unique voice and vision.

But we need writers to do that.

Writing for Craft Your Content is a great way to gain experience and reach over 10K new readers per month. Our work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and The Huffington Post, among others, and our clients have gone on to publish top-charting books and viral blog posts themselves.

That’s major credibility.

Not only that, but our editorial team will also be there to help you along the way, so you aren’t flying solo! As one guest poster recently noted on our Trello boards:

Your suggestions make a lot of sense! Changes made. Very cool. This is my first time submitting to CYC, and I like that your editorial team is helping me work on craft at the same time as my piece is about working on craft. Ha! Love it.

Writing guest blog posts for us will provide you the invaluable experience of being published, without the thoughtless (and, quite frankly, heart-wrenching) rejection letters. 

Additionally, we pay $50-150 per article, depending on the length/topic/quality.

We do not publish sponsored content or paid articles.

When you are ready to write for us, there are a few things you should probably know:

  1. Here at Craft Your Content, we tend to be a bit picky. We expect that your content is creative, original, high quality, and useful to the CYC audience. So if you’re going to pitch us an article, tell us how it fills these requirements.
  2. Don’t just pitch us an idea, write the damn thing! While we value great ideas, we value great writing even more. We need to know from the start that you can pull off a stellar writing job, and that you aren’t just an idea machine. Detailed outlines or rough drafts are definitely a plus.
  3. We don’t publish pricks. As much as we like grammar-savvy writers (it makes our jobs a whole lot easier), we LOATHE condescending pricks who get on a holier-than-thou grammar high horse and tell everyone else how stupid they are. So while we invite sarcastic, snarky writers, we don’t want you insulting our readers.
  4. It helps to write for our audience. We are committed to helping writers preserve their own voice, but articles for the CYC should fit in with the tone and vision of our site and what our audience looks for. You can learn more about the style guidelines and writing for CYC here.
  5. We do not guarantee specific types of backlinks. And to be honest, we’ve only approved one article submission in memory from someone who is seeking a “do-follow” or other call-to-action link. If a backlink occurs naturally in your writing, that is fine. But do NOT try to hide that shit. We’ll find it and be very angry. You will not like us when we’re angry.
  6. You will get an opportunity to sell yourself and/or your wares. As a CYC Author, you will also get a full author bio at the end of the post to promote yourself and your brand a bit more. We are fine with backlinks here, usually to a site and a social network or two.

Writing for CYC isn’t like writing for snooty, academic types. Our content encourages dialogue between the writers and their readers. Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that make for a great blogger. While you’re writing, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Keep it Conversational: Speaking in first or second person helps keep the article casual, and the tone inviting. Think of your guest post as a personal blog, then write it.
  • Simplify it: Though you are encouraged to support your arguments with facts and statistics, keep the writing simple and to the point. Keep paragraphs short and break sections up with headers.
  • Tell a story: The main reasons why we write are to inform and to entertain, so entertain our readers. Keep your posts interesting and relevant.
  • Know how to start and know how to end: It’s important for our readers to know what to expect at the beginning of the article, and what they’ve learned at the end. Be clear and be concise. But don’t flat out say, “In this article I will show you…” or “In closing…” —instead, make sure to include solid introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

If you can follow these guidelines, you’re on the write (see what I did there?) path to getting published. As for content, here are some topics we love to see on our website:

  • Word Nerdery: Anything about writing and language is sure to interest our readers
  • Grammar Geekery: Everyone needs to know about those nitty-gritty grammar details
  • Business Ideas: We love posts that incorporate business and writing and the beautiful relationship between the two
  • Creative Mindset: Getting in the zone, staying in the zone, and getting the most out of that zone
  • Personal Productivity: Because let’s face it, everyone could use a tip or two on how to be more productive

While we fully acknowledge that we are an agency in the business of marketing (and, more importantly, helping to improve) content, we do not accept articles focused on online or content marketing. If you are going to pitch a piece related to either of these topics, please make sure it has a very unique and quality-focused take.

Now that you’ve learned the know-how’s and no! don’t!’s of writing guest posts for CYC, submit your article or concept via this form. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have about the process. (We are unable to accept unsolicited submissions via email – please use this form so we can get a comprehensive idea of both yourself and your piece.)

Good luck — we can’t wait to hear from you! ~ The Craft Your Content Team