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The Blinker

For the past couple weeks it’s been happening.

I’ve been logging on with the best of intentions.  Intentions of updating my stuff with witty banter and deep insights.  Intentions of being useful and putting together some really good content for people to read.  Intentions of at least hitting “publish” as that little blinking blog cursor taunts me with it’s flashing.

Sure, I’ve had the random case of writer’s block that snuck up on me out of no where and reared it’s ugly head at some very inopportune moments.  Like that annoying ex that shuns and ignores you for years but suddenly decides to be your BFF again (generally about the same time you update your Facebook status to read “In A Relationship.”)

For me, I’ve been staring at the page with so much I want to say and share, but absolutely not being able to find the words.  Or having the words but not sure that I’m ready to say them out loud.  Or wanting to run upstairs and throw up with overwhelminess each time I think about it.

Today I had a brilliant article I was gonna write about the time my friends took me out for beer and wings at Bingas Wingas after I got stood up.  Then I researched this great idea for writing about limerance which is the adorable to the point of nauseating butterflies you get when you are still in the starting stages of liking someone and just want to spend the weekend curled up watching movies and constantly touching them.  Finally as I stood in the kitchen scrambling eggs this morning I contemplated the movie Runaway Bride and my own hive-induced terrors.

Instead I decided to procrastinate my entire day away on Twitter and Facebook. And watching Pixar short animated films for two hours.  And doing anything possible to avoid writing about the flooding swirl of thoughts in my head.

Sometimes it is the outside world that gets the best of us when we are trying to work.  And sometimes the call is coming from inside the house.  But the words are definitely not coming out.

This may be getting logged in the Moleskine…

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