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Frame switching is when you have to switch between different modes of operation

Preplanning: Planning Out What You Will Do Ahead of Time to Avoid “Frame Switching”

As writers, we constantly face multiple challenges of various kinds. From writer’s block to looming deadlines, and from time-management issues to procrastination, a writer’s life is full of diverging paths requiring our attention.

However, those diverging paths are a problem in and of themselves.

If you’re someone that writes on a regular basis, you might have experienced frame switching, aka context switching. Frame switching is what happens when you quickly go from one task to another and lose momentum for the task that you were originally doing. As you can guess, losing momentum isn’t great news for productivity or the quality of your writing.

In this post I will show you how to avoid frame switching using a productivity technique called preplanning. Preplanning will help you to make sure that you finish your articles within your desired time frames, and improve the overall quality of your writing.

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