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The Language of Love: How to Write a Swoon-Worthy Romance

As February store shelves glow pink and jewelry ads twinkle on social media, one thing is as clear as a princess-cut diamond: Our culture loves love. Harlequin books sell four copies every second, and romance films make millions in theaters and on streaming platforms. 

In 2019, greeting card companies made close to a billion dollars from Valentine’s Day alone. That’s good news for romance writers: You’ve got a large, enthusiastic audience ready to be captivated by your love story.

Sizzling, sweet, toxic, or wholesome, a romantic storyline can be a dynamic narrative tentpole in your writing. Entangling the flaws and assets of two (or three or four) personalities with unique histories, goals, and values creates endless interactive possibilities. 

Weaving these threads into a rich, immersive love story might seem challenging, but don’t lose heart (sorry, not sorry). Whether you’re writing a script, short story, or novel, whatever your platform or genre, you can write a swoon-worthy romance into your tale by following a few guideposts.

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Breaking News: Writing Tips from the Newsroom

If you asked what my job as a morning news producer was like, I’d tell you to imagine that it’s 10 p.m and you’ve suddenly remembered a 20-page research paper that’s due at 6 a.m; the next day. You must work through the night, frantically typing away, checking references, editing, and organizing a respectable body of work. 

Then, rinse and repeat that stressful night — for two years. 

Writing the news is not for the faint of heart: the breakneck pace, unforgiving standards, and high-stakes format are all part of the industry. But, the truth is, whether you’re a self-paced blogger, freelance copywriter, or long-haul novelist, your writing task can benefit from applying a few newsroom principles. 

If you want to learn how to produce reliably crisp, concise copy, these seven tips can help streamline your writing, cut unproductive habits, and shorten the gap from idea to final draft. 

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