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A Case Against Having a Daily Writing Quota

In online discussions with other writers, the “big Q” question sooner or later pops up: “What’s your daily writing quota?”

Well, let’s get that out of the way immediately, so that we can focus on the how’s and why’s, which are more important: I don’t have a daily writing quota—that is, a daily word-count goal.

Some days (albeit rarely) I write 5,000 words. Some days I write 50 words. There can be days or weeks with 0 words.

But I always get the job done and, more importantly, I like the result.

So, let me proudly declare it right away: I am vehemently against daily writing quotas, and I believe writers do not help themselves by obeying a daily writing quota.

That statement by itself is useless without some elaboration, so perhaps it’s more fruitful to explain why I don’t believe in such self-imposed goals and, more crucially, what there is to gain from not having a daily writing quota.

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