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How to Prevent Writer’s Block Before You Start Writing

Alongside the self-doubt, the lack of motivation, and the absence of time, one of the main hurdles that stop aspiring authors from actually writing and finishing their book is the infamous writer’s block. 

Writers rightly complain about this common obstacle, and many of them often ask me as a book editor how to get past it. Some even give up for months on end, only to return to their unfinished story and struggle even more. 

The length of time away from their project and the distance created only makes their writer’s block worse, which often causes writers to abandon their novel and start a new one only to repeat the cycle.

Too many writers now believe that struggling with writer’s block is a natural part of the writing process. However, this frustrating barrier is unnecessary and preventable, and many more writers would actually finish their novels much faster if they knew how to avert writer’s block from the start.

But you don’t have to be writing a novel to face writer’s block. You can struggle with it while writing blog posts, ad copy, news or magazine articles, and marketing emails. If your job requires you to put words onto a blank page, writer’s block can strike you at any time. 

Fortunately, the solution is the same. In this post, I’ll share with you the two crucial tasks I’ve learned to prevent writer’s block before it has the chance to start and develop. 

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