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Have You Been Told That Your Writing Is Good… But Could Be Better?

In an ideal world, your thoughts would speak for themselves.

Brilliant ideas SHOULD be able to stand on their own merit. 

Unfortunately, we all live in the real world. People judge your ideas and intelligence based on the quality of your writing and grammar. 

Most people will let a few typos slide. But lots of mistakes, with other errors, inconsistent or incomplete thoughts, half-baked concepts, and they’ll think 

(…See what we did there? Isn’t that annoying?)

The only feedback your audience should be offering is how your message compelled them to take action—not that you used the wrong their. (Or maybe they’re. Perhaps there.) You have important things to share with your readers, and we want to help you share them in the best way possible.

Here are a few ways we help you do that…

Content Clean-Up – Monthly Proofreading and Editing

Are you a good writer who wants to be a great writer?

When you use canned proofreading programs or hire blind off a site, you may end up with the most grammatically correct piece of writing ever published.

But is it YOUR writing?

A number of our clients have transitioned to our V&V Editing plan because other editors and packages stripped any individual or brand personality from their writing in favor of it being “proper.”

With this package, we are constantly updating your profile within our editorial team and working with you to make sure that everything you share is exactly what you want to say:

  • We’ll have you fill out an extensive questionnaire about your most important messaging (the who, what, when, where, how, and why) for our team to reference when editing your work. You will also have an hour-long, one-on-one call with Elisa to review your answers and discuss more about your brand/personality. Afterwards, we will provide a report outlining everything you have sent and said.
  • You will work with our team, who will consistently review your work to discover more about your style and objectives.
  • Send your work to us whenever, via Google Docs, and it will be returned to you within 48 hours (up to 2K words) or 72 hours (up to 5K words). It will not only be fully proofread for errors and grammar, but we’ll also provide editorial feedback based on your Voice & Vision questionnaire and report.
  • 25% discount on any larger projects (like that Kindle eBook you’ve been wanting to get published…).

Tell us a little more about your business/brand and what you are looking for. We’ll look it over and let you know if we think we are a good fit for what you are need.

Monthly pricing starts at $750 

See how Adrian Rosebrock, of PyImage Search,
uses our content editing services for his Gurus course material.

“A unique mastery of copywriting, editing and writing; you are not just line-editors—you are a thought-partner and visionary.” – Jenny Blake, Life After College and JennyBlake.meadrianrosebrock

“It’s always awesome to hear such kind compliments. But my content wouldn’t be as polished without your editing. I’m happy to pay when the job is done well — and with your team, it certainly is!” Adrian Rosebrock, PyImage Search

jillstanton“Elisa is one of those rare breeds that combines pure talent with personality and results-driven work. She has an incredible knack for pulling out the very best in your writing, refining your voice so you sound like “you”, and strategically forming copy that not only sells, but draws the reader in and doesn’t let them go. ” – Jill Stanton, Screw The Nine-To-Five

Fix It & Run It – Monthly Content Management

You’ve heard about this content marketing thing, and you think you might just want to give it a go. Heck, maybe you are already feverishly posting articles for your own site on a fairly regular basis, but have hit a plateau where you need help organizing it all.

Your competitors all seem to be doing the same thing, but they are doing it better than you. What’s their secret?

Well, it’s likely that their secret is working with a content strategist or managing editor (or a trained howler monkey… we hear that they are quite adept at these things). If you don’t have the money to dedicate to a full-time position, how will you ever keep up?

Have no fear.

We provide that exact help to a variety of clients, from computer programmers to internet marketers to organizational development experts to mommy bloggers.

Take a deep breath, and stop stressing. You’ll never have to worry about what to say, how to say it, when to say it, or coordinating schedules with launches and more. With our Fix It & Run It monthly plans, you get:

  • Everything from the Voice & Vision above.
  • A full arsenal of documents and cheat sheets to make writing and publishing a breeze.
  • Editorial Calendar management using Trello (which we will set up and run for you).
  • Monthly calls and frequent emails to review your strategy and make sure that you are being your best self online.
  • For sites with multiple contributors/guest authors (or sites that WANT to bring on multiple contributors/guest authors), we will manage what we like to call “The Writers Pen” and oversee their submissions/edits/formatting assistance/scheduling.
  • For SELECT CLIENTS, we can also provide writers for you! If you have an idea of the story you want to tell, but don’t have the resources on your own team to do that (and don’t want to manage a ton of other writers) we will ghostwrite your articles for you. All the content and strategy, with only a little bit of work.

What are you looking for? Tell us about your project and let’s see what we can do for you.

Monthly pricing starts at $1000 for single-author sites and $2000 for multi-contributor sites

Want to learn more about how content management can turn your site around?
See how we help photographer Melissa Mullen tell the stories of her pictures
Read more about how we manage John Sonmez’s site Simple Programmer with 20+ contributors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The pure amount of projects, sales pages, book drafts, blog posts, and website copy reviews (over 2.5 years of collaborative work on profitable websites) shows more than I could write how much I respect and value Elisa’s opinion when it comes to copy and content.” – Dan Andrews, Tropical MBA & Dynamite Circle

JustinCooke“Elisa and team are the secret weapon in our content marketing strategy. From emails to blog posts, I have absolute confidence in their ability to get our message across. It goes beyond simple grammar edits – she knows our tone, voice, and can keep our content and messaging on track across many different platforms.” – Justin Cooke, Empire Flippers

simonpayne“Elisa’s help with writing and editing was the key turning factor in an extremely important breaking point for my business. She helped me to present my ideas in precisely the right way for the situation, and while she made everything sound way more professional, she preserved my ideas in a way that I could still identify with.” – Simon Payne, Messacorp & LeadPages

Manuscript & Book Editing

Ah, welcome to our happy place.

What? We’re word nerds. Books are like our golden rings… we’d scale Mordor to get our hands on a great manuscript. (Did I mention the nerd thing?!)

A majority of the writers we’ve worked with not only landed best-sellers status on Amazon and various book lists, but they have also managed to stay there.  We’re not saying we’re the ONLY reason, but we are definitely a common factor. You do the math.

Because of all this… we’re pretty snobby about the projects we’ll take on. Part of the success of our author roster is based in the simple fact that we only work on exceptional ideas and books.

The standard book manuscript edit will include:

  • 3 Rounds of Copy Edits – Checking for typos, errors, grammar mistakes, etc at three critical points in the editing process
  • 2 Rounds of Inline Edits – Feedback on inconsistencies in the narrative, delete unnecessary excerpts, improve readability and clarity.
  • 1  Developmental Structure Edit – Fully reviewing the manuscript to rearrange the organization (when necessary), pull the narrative consistently through so your book tells a story, and offer insights for additional content or topics to add.

If you have a completed (or near completed) non-fiction manuscript focusing on topics like: philosophy, psychology, entrepreneurship, history, thought-leadership, innovation, creativity, or politics, then it might just be a perfect fit.

Tell us more about your book and let’s see if we can make some word magic happen.

Book pricing starts at $1500 per project

Not sure how an independent editor can help your manuscript become a best-seller?
Author Taylor Pearson says the feedback & revisions of his debut, The End of Jobs,
was a key-factor in the book’s mammoth five-figure success.

taylorpearson“Ever the downplayer. You should have read the version before Elisa and her team got their hands on it! It was 3x as long. Thank you amazing editor who makes me sound good.” – Taylor Pearson, The End of Jobs

Dan-Norris“Elisa and her team did an excellent job at editing my book. I’d previously never written more than a blog post, so it was a big ask to pull together a bunch of posts and turn them into a high quality book. I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Dan Norris, The 7 Day Startup and Content Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t care what others think of me—why should I correct a few dumb typos?

Congratulations! If you are one of the rare creatures who can truly put out your thoughts and content without caring a smidge about your audience’s feedback and impressions, then I’d love to buy you a coffee/tea/bourbon and hear how you do it. 

For the rest of us, it is important to strike the delicate balance between accepting critique and publishing what we were going to post anyway. Most writers find this line through years of solitary trial and error, running it past the voices that develop in their heads. A fortunate few find writing circles and peer think tanks that help them become the creators they want to be.

Do poeple REALLY notice those dumb typos and errors?

Yes, people really notice them. In fact, there are 4 on this page alone.

I’m working on one specific project. Can I just hire you for that?

We don’t do a lot of one-off projects, as we enjoy helping people develop their own voice and vision. That does take some time though. (Most of our clients don’t see a vast improvement until at least three months in—then it is like blowing the lid off a pot of ideas and writing!)

Can’t you just write stuff for me?

For a VERY FEW SELECT CLIENTS we can. You can apply here, and we’ll see if the project is a good fit for our creative team.

Who are you again? How do I know you are even qualified to critique my work?

We are a seasoned group of wordsmiths with a variety of backgrounds. Some have extensive academic backgrounds; others have decades of expertise writing and editing for high-profile publications and brands.  Either way, you will be working with professionals who make it their business to know everything about words and language so you don’t have to. You can learn more about us here.

There’s tons of junk on the internet that gets a lot of traffic and conversions. I’m in business, and these are the only things I care about.

This is so very true. All you need to do is fall down the time-sucking rabbit hole of sites like Buzzfeed, which are optimized to KYC (Keep You Clicking). If clicks are what you crave, then you probably know all the tricks to make that happen. You will likely be able to build a very successful online business and lifestyle this way.

We work with people who want more.

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