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Jeff Trammell

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #60 With Jeff Trammell

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Jeff Trammell is an animation staff writer, story editor, and voiceover actor. As a writer for the Nickelodeon Writing Program, he was one of four participants selected from over 2,000 applicants. During his time there, he worked in writers’ rooms and on the content staff for shows like the “Breaking Drafts” YouTube series, Glitch Techs, and Harvey Beaks. He moved on to the Cartoon Network after his time with the program ended, first as a staff writer for the animated program Craig of the Creek, and eventually as a head writer and story editor of the show. 

A former student with the Upright Citizens Brigade improv comedy troupe and Sketch Comedy Writing class, he has been nominated for an Annie Award from the International Animated Film Association for Outstanding Writing in a Television, Broadcast, or Video Game.

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • How there is storytelling in everything—including professional wrestling
  • Why reading other writing in the genre you are interested in can teach you how to do it yourself
  • How to navigate the TV writing world when you’re just starting out (and aren’t living in Los Angeles or New York)
  • That sometimes, writing just to see how it goes is an accomplishment without ever having to publish
  • Why it can actually work in your favor to be the new person willing to learn 
  • The differences between working on an established show and building a new show from the ground up
  • Finding ways to share your experience and show how you are unique to find others who will identify with you

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Fun bonus: Jeff in cartoon form! 

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