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Confessions of a Proofreading Zealot (and How To Find a Proofreader for You)

I never was a good student, and I had very little interest in writing or anything related to writing. But, I soon discovered that I had an interest in words.

As a kid, I would go shopping with my mother. I would look at signs and labels and anything that was written and then try to decipher what I saw.

Eventually, I got the hang of it. Even so, I never really liked reading and writing until I started getting good grades in high school English and on my English Regents exam.

While I didn’t become a writer, I used writing in my career as a personnel specialist (military), computer programmer, and software tester. Then, when I retired from the software world, I had to find something to do.

What to do, fix words? That was it!

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