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Brittany Berger

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #59 With Brittany Berger

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Brittany Berger is a content marketing consultant, mental health advocate, and productivity unicorn. After working herself into a massive hole of burnout as a freelance writer, solopreneur, and head of content with startups and tech companies like Mention, she realized there had to be a better way to get creative work done without breaking herself. She was producing three to five in-depth, high-quality, long-form articles a week, but she was sick and tired—mentally and physically. 

Taking a bit of a leap, she decided to make her own health and well-being a priority, adapting many of the processes and systems she applied to her creative work to her personal self-care. Eventually, she started the website and community Work Brighter, a place for creators who want to push their “work smarter” mentality into a place of even better productivity, which makes room for “unproductive” things like rest, self-care, and fun. She still puts out a ton of writing and content, with thousands of bylines under her belt, but she’s found creative ways to do that as well. 

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • When you should set boundaries to let loose creatively
  • Figuring out priorities in order to make a system of boundaries
  • A reminder that you can’t hustle 150% of the time without something breaking
  • Why you can’t let the idea of “always having a value” cause you to burn out
  • Why you need to take your health as seriously as you take your work
  • How you should think more at the beginning so you can think less later on
  • Creating processes to make self-care easy and doable for ultra-busy people
  • How to tackle repurposing your content when the thought is overwhelming

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