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Tallie Gabriel

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #57 With Tallie Gabriel

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Tallie Gabriel is a freelance writer, young adult author, musician, podcast producer, and occasional podcast host. With bylines on sites and publications like VICE, Considerable, Thrive, The Content Strategist, and The Freelancer, she also hosts an impressive client roster of freelance and social media clients through companies like Lighthouse Creative Group and Find a Way Media. 

Since February 2019, she has been exploring different ways to apply writing, sound, and creativity across mediums as a podcast producer and occasional host for Unthinkable Media. She continues this exploration by singing and playing cello in the indie folk band Cardboard Rocketship. Tallie is currently represented by literary agent Alyssa Jennette of Stonesong Literary Agency. 

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • What happens when you pitch potential clients or publications that might seem “random” on the surface
  • What you should be doing with your writing if you aren’t regularly publishing somewhere
  • Focusing on where you spend your energy
  • Finding the right subjects and the right writing space that make you excited to write
  • Getting out of a creative desert and embracing the creative binges
  • Why you need to get back to foundations when you are creatively blocked (or why you may be creating the wrong content altogether)
  • How to shift from writing flowery fiction meant for reading to conversational writing meant for listening

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