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Victoria MacDonald

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #55 With Victoria MacDonald

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Victoria MacDonald is a writer, public relations expert, and social media influencer. A rough start in life, and her partner, Scott, being seriously injured in a helicopter incident, left her battling severe depression and had both of them trying to figure out how to make ends meet, especially since they had just purchased their dream fixer-upper home on a cliff overlooking the northeast coast of Scotland. Fortunately, Scott had a knack for websites and design, and started a money tips brand—but he needed content. Victoria’s first article was about how to save money when buying bananas, but the real win was noticing how this silly creative outlet gave her a bit of a boost from the black dog she was fighting. She started her own blog, full of funny anecdotes about her daily life, named greatHerday. 

Coupled with her work to build a following on social media, greatHerday took off, and before long, she and Scott were being invited on media trips and promotions all over the UK and beyond. Eventually, they renamed the website The Aye Life (as Scott was not well-represented in the “Her” part of their previous brand). With their work promoting their own brand to a following of over 50,000, and the destinations they traveled to, local businesses started approaching them for help with design, social media, and public relations (PR)—and they opened The Aye Agency, a digital and PR firm specializing in grassroots campaigns and personality-rich content.

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • The importance of remembering where you came from but not letting it define or limit you
  • How you can apply your own fun personality and voice to an otherwise proper brand
  • The magic that happens when you don’t do what everyone else is doing 
  • How writing can literally save some people’s lives
  • How finding our purpose doesn’t always have to be a “big event,” and can be something you hadn’t realized 
  • Going beyond the canned pitches and emails to find fun opportunities

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