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Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #52 With Shakira Pressley

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Shakira Pressley is a screenwriter, producer, and actress with a specialty in and love for all things animated. With a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and video, she has written for such television shows as “Keller Nation” and Cartoon Network’s “Craig of the Creek.” In addition to TV work, she has also worked on CMF at Cannes’ award-winning short films like “4H,” “Margaret Mage,” and “Rainbow Roller Rink.”

Like most writers in Hollywood, when she isn’t creating storylines and plot twists, she’s acting or providing voice talent to get her work out to audiences. As she notes on her website, she’s “just a person attempting to do adult things so that I can have a job that allows me to do kid things.”

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • The fact that it’s okay to become a writer if that isn’t something you have wanted to do for your whole life
  • Why knowing your personal limitations (not limits) can be one of the worst things for your creativity
  • When to incorporate the Rule of Three into your revision process
  • How to Frankenstein your zombies into new pieces
  • An inside look at what it’s like in the writers’ room (for an animated show)
  • The benefits of having a writing group to get feedback
  • Why you need a thesaurus nearby while you write
  • How sometimes it’s the quiet times that give you the inspiration or motivation for future projects

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