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Client Wish List

While we would love to work with every writer, entrepreneur, and author that sends us an inquiry, that would be a totally unethical move.

Unethical to take on new clients? Sounds weird, right?

In our experience, our style of editing, feedback, and strategy works well for a very specific group of people. It does not work so well for others.

We hate disappointing those “others”, so we’ve discovered it is best to be up-front and honest from the beginning about who we work best with.

But if you are one of our dream clients, that we wished would come along…well hello there. We should talk. Not sure where you might fall? Let us help you.

We work best with clients who want.

What does that mean? It means we are looking for clients who are invested in writing and creation, delighted about the project(s) they are working on, and searching for a true partnership where they can connect with an editor for feedback to publish their best pieces.

They want to improve their writing and they want to leave a legacy.

  • Clients who value quality writing and thoughtful editing, even if it takes some time and might hurt a little (just a little though, promise!)
  • Clients who plan to be actively engaged in the entire process and are thrilled at the thought of it
  • Clients who want to create a strategy and structure for their editorial calendar, and to form the habits that will lead them to produce fantastic content consistently
  • Clients who know what they want to say and how they want to say it — or are earnestly invested in figuring that out
  • Clients who want to become better writers and communicators and learn about their craft
  • Clients who want to be seen as great thinkers and leaders in their worlds, wherever and whatever those worlds might be

Some clients that don’t work as well with our agency?

  • Clients who are looking for a DIY solution that they never have to check in on
  • Clients who aren’t comfortable with having someone question their writing, or might think such feedback is petty and unnecessary
  • Clients who wonder if editing is worth it, when they could just use a software program to do the same job
  • Clients who are on a strict deadline and are not necessarily as focused revising what they’ve written
  • Clients who do not communicate well on projects and are not inspired by the thought of having someone to talk with regularly about their writing

This isn’t to say that if you are a bad writer or person. On the contrary, you might just be on your way to award-winning literature and financial bliss. We’ll rue the day we said “It’s not you, it’s us”, and you will forever be one of the ones who got away. But in our experience, these situations rarely work out with our services.

Additionally, we find that we work extremely well with clients and brands in these industries and styles of writing:

  • Technology and Software
  • Creative Agencies
  • Magazines and Publications
  • Productized Services
  • Non-eCommerce Online Businesses
  • Consulting Practices (not coaches or personal development)
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want to Establish a Writing Strength
  • Essayists and Humorists

We love manuscripts that focus on: Writing and Craft, Creativity, Personal Narratives and Essays, Philosophy, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Business Principles, History, Thought-Leadership, Innovation, and New Takes on Old Concepts

Currently, we are not accepting new manuscripts that cover: Content Marketing, Business Experiences and Advice, Personal Development

Do you think we would work well together? Excited to jump in and start making your words even better?

Click below to learn more and tell us a bit more about yourself/your brand and your project (please choose the service or subscription that best fits your needs):

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