Melody BoggsContent Editor

Melody Boggs graduated from the University of North Georgia with a B.A. in English, holding a concentration in Writing and Publication. She has worked as a writing center tutor, a content writer and editor, a set PA, and is currently a communications associate. Don’t talk to her about Batman, Star Wars, or Harry Potter, or your whole day will be shot. Personal weaknesses include any dish with a noodle in it, sincere compliments, really good back tattoos, and morally ambiguous characters (#VillainsAppreciationLife).

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion: No matter what you're writing, what job you're doing, or what client you're working with, do it well. Even if you hate it or believe you will ultimately fail at it. That's even more reason to bring your strengths and passion to the table because there's always something you can learn from the experience. As long as you do your best, even working a bad project can prove you have grit and high standards for yourself, and you never know what opportunities that can lead you towards.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Most Read Book: The Harry Potter series (duh), Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

Favorite Story to Tell: I played softball for a good portion of my childhood, and during a game when I was twelve, I went up to bat. We really needed to get a run in, so I was focused on hitting that ball. So focused that I missed the yellow jacket that flew up my pants. Well, wouldn’t you know it, when I went to swing, that jumped-up hurricane of piss and fury stung me right on my ass, and I was gone. Somehow, I actually hit the ball and made it to first, which is where I should have stayed, but you know, my behind was a crash site of hell, so I kept running, thinking I could outrun the pain. The other team didn't expect me to keep going so—in a panic—they overthrew the ball trying to get me out. I turned a base hit into a home run. Yeah, team. You are welcome.