2022 Annual Review for Writers — Free 5 Day Mini-Course

Tuesday, December 13th - Saturday, December 17th

Take a look at where you’ve been, so you know where to go.

Buckle down and take a look back at your past twelve months, in just 5 quick days.

Celebrating your wins, assessing those losses, determining your individual writing life balance - we’ve got it all covered!

(Oh. Did I mention that this is 100% free?!)

Are you…

Thinking you should “really get around to” reviewing the past year of your writing and creative pursuits?

Committed to taking the time you need to dive deep into your current creative flow but you have no idea where to even begin (other than the very beginning.)

So stressed about the idea of looking at everything — the good, the bad, and the ugly — that you would walk away from the entire process, not doing anything to improve your craft?

That's where this mini-course comes in!

In less than an hour a day, for just 5 days, you can collect and reflect on the full past year, from start to finish
 (starts Tuesday, December 13th), and it’s 100% free.

Writer's Wheel of Life

You will start by exploring the eight areas of a writer’s life, personal and professional, to determine where you focused your time and attention over the past 12 months.

Ditch the Fear and Imposter Syndrome

You will go from worrying about what you’ll find if you re-open this chapter to mindfully and objectively examining your craft.

Empowered Driven Writer

You will go from not knowing what to look at to confidently collecting the highs and the lows, and figuring out what it all means for you going forward.

Amateur Versus Professional

You will transform from an amateurish writer who doesn’t want to look at the hard parts, to being a professional kick-ass writer who knows their weaknesses (and strengths!) and how to use them.

 And if you need one more reason…

You won’t have to do any of it on your own! You’ll have the support, encouragement, and community of other like-minded writers who are committed to improving their writing craft.


The 5-Day 2022 Annual Review for Writers Mini-Course will start on Tuesday, December 13th, and continue for 5 days. Each day you’ll have to dedicate an hour or so to the live video lesson and worksheet (I promise, it will be worth it!)

Every day, at 2PM EST, we will go live for a video lesson, and advice on how to complete the day’s worksheet and work.

Each day’s worksheet and lesson will be posted to our Private Facebook Group where all the participants of the mini-course can share their work, ideas, struggles, and results to get support from fellow writers — and from myself and members of my team.

Elisa Doucette

Elisa is a writer, editor, and coach who travels the world looking for great stories to live and interesting tales to share. She has worked for over two decades creating compelling content, writing and editing for various businesses and publications.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes, Yahoo! Small Business, The Shine Network, The Huffington Post, and Brazen Careerist among others. Two of her columns have been syndicated (The Single Slice on MaineToday and Shattering Glass on Forbes), and you can get her weekly essays on writing mindset and craft in our weekly newsletter, The Writing Rundown.

Elisa has appeared as a guest on radio shows and podcasts around the web, such as Frommer's Radio, Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Business of Writing, The Writing Coach, and The Chris Hahn Show, as well as hosting Writers’ Rough Drafts. She has spoken on international stages like BlogHer, WordCamp, Word Circles, and other quality content programs.

In other fun life opportunities she has served as the Writer-in-Residence at The Birds Bay in Petra on the island of Lesvos in Greece and at the Captain Nickels Inn in Searsport, Maine, US, led multiple Writers Nights at The Cult of Coffee in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, and worked from the Knack Factory in Portland, Maine, US as their resident hobo writer. 

What will I be doing exactly?

  • REFLECT on your past year
  • COLLECT information and anecdotes that show where and how you spent your energy
  • ASSESS your focus and priorities from the different areas of your writing life
  • PICK OUT the strengths and weaknesses the past year made more clear to you
  • WRITE a final essay or piece that sums up what 2022 meant to you and your writing craft

This all sounds great but what if…

I don’t have an hour a day?

We’ll have replays available for each day’s video lesson, and those replays will be available through Friday, December 23rd.

I don’t like the mini-course after I start?

Totally understand! This level of introspection isn’t for everyone. You can email us to remove you from any emailing lists, and leave the Facebook group. No hard feelings!

I need help or have questions?

Aside from the unexpected bonus of having an entire community of people, working on the same project, and ready to help each other with anything that comes up — I’ll be in the group regularly, as well as various members of our team. Or you can always email our support team by replying to any email we send!


Are you ready to do the hard work and take an inventory of what 2022 held for you, so you can step into 2023 with a fresh mind and an ambitious spirit to improve your writing craft and get sh*t done?

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