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Location Independent Meetup Info

Note – So sorry everyone! Been working on updating our site and didn’t realize this page had been unpublished. Thanks to Robb for bringing it to our attention. Sorry again! ~ Elisa

Tom, Pete and I had a GREAT time meeting up with all of you (in the park then “under the leaf”) to chat about one of our favorite conversation topics, location independent business and life.

If you want to find any of us in the future PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out!

Tom Libelt – Smart Brand Marketing
Pete Hall –  Pete Hall
Elisa Doucette (that’s me!) – Here or my personal site ElisaDoucette.com

Here are all the links and resources we promised*:

  • Webinar On Fire – Webinar Training and Support Community organized by podcasting guru (seriously, they clear $200K MONTHLY and started with a podcast) John Lee Dumas
  • Internet Business Mastery – Considered by some to be the godfathers of internet business podcasts and a killer training program, Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0 – Wondering what your strengths are to help determine what you should build a business around and what roles you should take in the company? Check out this book and program
  • Work The System – Sam Carpenter’s book and programs for implementing systems and processes in your growing company that gets you out of the lower-priority tasks and gets your team on board with building your business. (Free PDF copy of the book on the site with an email address)
  • Virtual Freedom – Chris Ducker, the Virtual CEO and founder of Virtual Staff Finder (a staffing service out of the Philippines), gives you all the tools and templates you’ll need to set up your virtual team to run things from anywhere in the world
  • Tropical MBA – Internet entrepreneurs Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen break it all down weekly in their podcast, targeting online business owners who value the freedom and opportunity to run their business from wherever they want. Also the founders of the Dynamite Circle forums, for established location independent entrepreneurs (and how Tom, Pete, and I “met” each other)
  • eCommerce Fuel – Think eCommerce might be your scene? Check out Andrew Youderian’s website and forums for established eCommerce entrepreneurs.
  • Copy Hour – Thinking of trying out copywriting as a way get out on the road? Or just want to get better at writing your own copy? Check out Derek Johanson’s Copy Hour for detailed step-by-step instructions to hand-copying successful sales letters to hone your skills by learning from the pros.
  • Travel Insurance – We mentioned using World Nomads and Integra ourselves, someone else mentioned Travel Guard as a good alternative (though we have no experience – sounds great to check out though!)
  • Calling – Skype and Google Hangout/Google Voice both provide fairly reliable VOIP solutions. Be prepared to drop a call or have a fuzzy connection occasionally though. Hazard of the lifestyle.
  • Team Management
    • oDesk / eLance / Virtual Staff Finder / Fiverr – Services to search out, post for, and find virtual staff to build your team or work on one-off projects
    • PayPal – Still the most universal way to send and receive payments online. The interface is a pain and the fees are a joke, but if you’re starting out it’s a reality you may have to accept. Be careful with your balances, PayPal reserves the right to shut down “suspicious” accounts and that may involve shutting down an account with a balance you haven’t moved to your banks yet.
    • Basecamp and Asana – The first is a paid team management system from the folks at 37Signals, the second is a free team management system that integrates with Google.

Thanks again for spending a bit of your afternoon with us this weekend. Love to hear how your location independent dreams are manifesting into realities in the comments below. Take care! ~ Elisa