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The Writing Rundown by Elisa Doucette of Craft Your Content

Want To Get In on The Writing Rundown?

Darren Criss Books

Struggling with information overload?

But you want to learn all the things about becoming a better writer, lifestyle and mindset for entrepreneurship, and be a vaguely more well-rounded person at the end of the day?

Every weekend, we compile some of our favorites quips, tips, and tricks from the mass of articles, updates, and new reading around the web (and beyond) and create a fancy little writeup with essays and writing prompts and more — sent direct to your inbox to be enjoyed while curled up with your cup of morning coffee/tea/green-smoothie.

Sign up for The Writing Rundown, and we'll send our best writing resources and content every weekend - straight to your inbox!

Here's what people have said:

Line Writing Co Testimonial

Caroline Johnson from Line Writing Co.

"I spoke with you a few times over the last year in regards to your wonderful e-mails, etc. and I truly look forward to yours more than anyone else in my inbox." - Ashley Derrick

"Thank you for this email - there is so much gold in here. The book synopsis alone are worth the price of admission." - Sam Browne

"I get so many newsletters (because there are so many fabulous business bloggers out there), but I always read yours end to end. " - Nicole Boucher

"damn that's good." - Dan Andrews

Jessica Malnik praise for TWR newsletter

Jessica Malnik - Content Strategist & Copywriter