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Writing Life

Dive into a Writing Workshop Designed for Real Progress

Ready to breathe new life into your writing endeavors?

Shake off the cobwebs and discover practical tools to create tangible progress in your writing life?This workshop is focused on practical insights and actionable strategies for online essayists and writers, with immediate impact.

Join us for an immersive experience that will ignite your creativity, empower your craft, and set you on a path to success.

Date & Time:

Tuesday April 9th 12PM EST

Wednesday April 10th 12 PM EST

Thursday April 11th 12PM EST


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About the event

Here's What You'll Get...
  • Clarity: Create more focus for your writing goals, strengths, and areas for improvement, setting a clearer path for your creative journey.
  • Productivity: Develop effective strategies to enhance productivity and streamline your writing process, maximizing your time and talent.
  • Inspiration: Explore your creativity and tap into a wellspring of inspiration, unlocking new ideas and perspectives for your writing.
  • Community: Connect with a supportive community of fellow writers who understand your struggles and share your passion, providing invaluable encouragement and accountability along the way.

What You Can Expect...

Join me for 3 interactive sessions to make sense of your writing life and how you can leverage the strengths while building up the gaps.
(That means we'll be engaged and working together, not me talking at you!)

Workshop Workbook 

Receive a comprehensive workbook filled with actionable exercises and prompts to guide self-discovery and creative exploration.

Same Day Replays

Can't make it to a live session? Access replays of all workshop sessions to catch up at your own pace and revisit key insights.

Free Facebook Group

Access our exclusive Facebook group for workshop participants, connecting with fellow writers and receiving additional support and encouragement.

Bonus Live Q&A

Participate in a live Q&A session one week after the workshop, where you can ask more questions and follow up after a few days trying this out!

Why Spring?

You’re right to ask this question! Most annual review and planning workshops take place in December or January. You know, when you are busy with holidays and celebrations and year-end/year-start events and have less-than-no-time to focus on any of this.

Here's the thing: That timing often doesn’t align with our lives.

Spring, with its sense of renewal and growth, or Autumn (for our friends south of the equator) with its sense of stepping back and shoring up, are the perfect time to reassess your writing goals, rekindle your creativity, and set intentions for the months ahead. 

That's why we've chosen to host the Revitalize Your Writing Life Workshop now – to help you harness the energy of the season and make meaningful changes in your writing life.

About your Workshop Host:
Elisa Doucette

Elisa Doucette is a writer, editor, and writing coach with over two decades of experience. Her work has been featured in prestigious outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. With her wealth of experience and passion for storytelling, Elisa is dedicated to helping writers realize their worth and forge narratives that deeply connect with audiences across the globe.

What Sets Us Apart...


This workshop is crafted with care and attention to detail, just like your writing. We believe in nurturing creativity and guiding you towards mastery with integrity and purpose.

Collaborative Partnership

At CYC, we strive to be more than just editors and coaches – we're your collaborative partners in writing sincere, emotionally engaging narratives.

Thoughtful Support

We understand the challenges writers face. That's why our workshop provides a supportive environment where you can explore your craft, express yourself authentically, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Transformative Experience

Our workshop isn't just about learning new techniques – it's about undergoing a transformative journey of growth and discovery, unlocking your potential and taking steps to a more fulfilling creative life.

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