It's mid-March. Already behind on your 2022 writing goals?

The Procrastinating Writer's 5-Day Bootcamp Starts March 21st

Do you feel like you need to give up on your 2022 writing goals?

You started 2022 with so many writing hopes and dreams and ambitions.

I get it.

This was the year you'd finally start working on your novel.

This was the year you'd finally start making serious side hustle money as a freelance writer.


This was the year you'd finally start publishing and building your writing empire.

Just because you didn't start on January 1st, that doesn't mean you can't start today

Sit down, make a plan, and get back to writing right now.

What Will You Get From The Procrastinating Writer's Bootcamp ?

The Bootcamp Experience

This bootcamp is designed to focus on a different piece of your writing goals and ideas each day, so by the end you'll have a complete action plan ready to go!

5 Days of Live Training

Daily virtual workshops that will guide you through the process to get your 2022 writing action plan set up, with CYC Founder Elisa Doucette, surrounded by others doing the same thing.

The Details

  • Date: March 21st-25th
  • Time: Noon EST
  • Duration: 1 hour

During this 5-Day Bootcamp You Will:


Set Your Writing Goals

During Day 1, we'll focus on what you want to do with and/or what you want to get from your writing in 2022.


Make a Writing Plan

Then on Days 2 and Day 3, we'll break those goals down into manageable tasks and milestones. From quarterly focuses to monthly assignments and daily productivity - you'll create a customized plan that you've specifically crafted for your writing style and process.


Get Organized and Get Going

Finally, on Days 4 and 5 we'll take those plans and figure out how you can track them, get support, and make 2022 your best writing year ever!

What Others Have to Say... 

Jenny Blake - Author, Speaker Podcaster

Elisa is the perfect combination of heart and smarts—she's whip smart, super strategic, thoughtful, and one of the best minds in business. I am incredibly lucky to have her as a thought-partner.

Basel Farag - iOS Engineer & Writer

To this day, Elisa is the best content editor I have ever worked with. For the first time, I was significantly challenged--and thrilled--by an editor. Because of her, I've produced my best work ever.

Taylor Pearson - Author & Founder, Mutiny Fund

Elisa's advice and counsel as an editor has proven invaluable as she has a deep understanding of both the business implications of content as well as what makes good writing in the first place.

What Will We Cover in The Procrastinating Writer's 5-Day Bootcamp?

You might be feeling like a slacker because you've fallen behind on your writing schedule. Maybe you are struggling to get into a routine and process. Perhaps you don't even know where to start, so you never started.

In This LIVE 5-Day Bootcamp You'll:

Establish your most important writing goals

Figure out how to adjust other parts of your life to reach those goals

Craft a creative process that is customized to your writing style and habits

Plan out your potential content for the rest of 2022

Organize your plans to track, adjust, and hit your goals

Make an action plan to guarantee that 2002 is your best writing year ever!

About Your Bootcamp Leader Elisa Doucette

Founder, Content Editor, and Writing Coach at Craft Your Content

Elisa has worked for over two decades creating compelling content and teaching other writers how to do the same.

She has walked the writing walk and talks the writing talk. Her programs and process have led to financial, professional, creative, and personal successes again and again for clients and peers. 

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Thrive, and The Huffington Post, among others. Two of her online columns have been syndicated ("Shattering Glass" for Forbes and "The Single Slice" for Maine Today Media) and she has spoken on international stages like BlogHer, Word Circles, and WordCamp. Elisa has edited and coached best-selling authors, seven-figure entrepreneurs, million-follower online writers, and Fortune 500 content departments through her editorial agency, Craft Your Content. She also serves as the editorial advisor to the Y-Combinator funded startup Foster. 

We've all procrastinated before …

Does this sound familiar?

You had the best of intentions.
Your creative heart in the right place.
You tried to do the right thing?

Don't feel bad. Don't worry. Don't run away and avoid it all.

Commit to your craft today and make 2022 your best writing year ever!

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