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Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas and Kate EricksonWe’ve been waiting for a podcast just like this one that interviews great writers and shares their expert advice, tips and tricks – not to mention the incredible wealth of knowledge the host has to share from her own experience as a writer. Elisa is a seasoned author and it shows here as she brings KILLER content to the world of Podcasting. IGNITE!

– John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur On Fire


taylorpearsonI’m 2 episodes in and this is already one of my favorite podcasts. As someone who only in the last year started to get serious about writing and truly building a life around writing, I love this show. I read Daily Rituals by Mason Currey recently which tells the daily habits of writer’s stories and this is like that BUT a) on awesomeness steroids b) for modern writers. The episodes give me inspiration for where to take my writing, how to turn it into a real business, and small habits I can start implementing tomorrow. The guests give their full story about what it really takes to go pro as writers.

– Taylor Pearson, TaylorPearson.me

Curious What Goes On Inside The Writer’s Mind?

I ask the same questions again and again during the Inside The Writer’s Mind lightning round for a reason. (Who knew?!)

We’re constantly collecting and compiling the answers to see how groups of people answer, what the most popular/least popular answers are, and create content that shares what we’ve found.

You can see the running tally of all the guests and their answers here: Inside The Writer’s Mind

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