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Handwriting Versus Typing: The Best Method for Writing

It’s hard to believe that people still handwrite at all these days; we tend to rely on computers to do everything because they make it so easy.

I write articles on my laptop, though I do take a few notes here and there on paper.

And yet, I am a big fan of handwriting. I could be one of its groupies or the president of its fan club.

I remember learning how to write in cursive in elementary school, but I’ve often wondered if “kids these days” still learn that. (Wow, I sound like an old, evil villain from “Scooby-Doo.”)

In fact, the Common Core Curriculum Standards no longer require that students learn cursive handwriting in school, although some states have chosen to continue teaching it.

If typing is so ingrained in our lives, why should we even consider handwriting our content anymore?

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