Crazy What You Can Learn From Climbing Inside A Writer's Mind

Crazy What You Can Learn From Climbing Inside A Writer’s Mind

Every episode of the Writers’ Rough Drafts podcast, Elisa asks the same list of Either/Or questions during our “Inside The Writer’s Mind” lightening round. It’s a fun little game that might feel a little tedious to anyone listening, as it seems to be a redundant waste of two minutes.

But, inside Elisa’s mind, there exists a trove of statistics and resources that she is constantly cultivating and organizing to learn more about the world and people around her.

Which is why she created the game and plays it with everyone – to gather information.

We’ve pulled together some of the most interesting stats from our first 25 guests and created a fun little infographic that shows what happens when you climb inside writers’ minds.

You can check out the full collection of answers here.

Writers' Rough Drafts Inside The Writer's Mind Answers First Edition

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