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Charlie Gilkey

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #56 With Charlie Gilkey

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Charlie Gilkey is an entrepreneur, philosopher, former Army officer, author, and Creative Giant. As the founder of Productive Flourishing, alongside his wife Angela, he helps people take action on the work and stuff that matter to them. As a speaker and business coach, he focuses on productivity and planning for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Before this, he worked as a professor of philosophy (so yes, he’s an actual accredited philosopher!) at the University of Nebraska as he was earning his doctoral degree, while simultaneously managing a career as a Joint Force Military Logistics officer in the Army National Guard. 

The author of two books, The Small Business Lifecycle: A Guide for Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time to Grow Your Small Business and the forthcoming Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done, Charlie’s writing and work have always been based on theory and mindset, while focusing on information that is both practical and actionable.

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • The one thing you need to achieve excellence
  • How to make the transition from academic writing to public writing 
  • How you should bring people along on your conceptual journey
  • The wrestling it takes to get your ideas out into the world
  • When you should write what you think is obvious—because it might not be for others
  • Why the laziest people are often the ones who focus the most on productivity
  • Why you have to go beyond only being invited to the “creative party”
  • How to set up boundaries to create the writing space you need

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