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Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #36 With Amy Clover

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Amy Clover is a writer, fitness personality for Cyberobics & McFit, motivational speaker, and mental health advocate, who runs the website and movement Strong Inside Out. While many in her industry are all about no-pain, no-gain, and either restricting yourself into melancholy or pushing yourself into exhaustion, Amy has carved out a unique space and message where she helps people find and create the resolve and fulfilment within themselves to then focus on strengthening and conditioning the rest. She helps people find individual health without scales and without judgements.

In addition to regularly writing for her own site and participating in various speaking engagements, she hosts multiple events and bootcamps throughout the year. Recently, she launched the coaching programs Strong Inside Out Health Essentials & Mental Optics. In her own words, “If you’re tired of feeling, like you’re not enough all the time, or maybe you’ve been waiting until you’re FILL-IN-THE-BLANK to start living your life, you’re in the right place, baby. No qualifications necessary.”

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week:

  • Leaving all of it out there for your readers
  • Not shying away from vulnerability and being real with your audience
  • How to write your own message no matter your industry
  • Why you should let yourself be awkward, silly, and “too much” in your writing
  • Use a “hustle cleanse” to get back on track when you’re in a funk
  • Letting your “freak flag” fly

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