Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #32 With Jesse Lawler
Jesse Lawler

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #32 With Jesse Lawler

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Jesse Lawler is a self-experimental, jack of all trades.  He is a location independent entrepreneur who runs an entire software developing company from his offices in Los Angeles and Saigon. Jesse worked for years at the Hollywood Grind as a screenwriter and producer on a half dozen movies. He spends much of his spare time writing and hosting a podcast over on his passion project site, Smart Drug Smarts. Jesse has built a fiercely engaged fan base of bio-hackers and personal optimization themes.

This Week’s Guest: Jesse Lawler

What You’ll Learn About Writing This Week: 

  • Finding ways to exercise your creative and writing muscles in your everyday communications
  • Writing about obscure and complicated information and data trends in a way that still engages and interests your audience
  • Why you can never be too intelligent
  • How seeking out experts and writing you find fascinating can help you figure out what to create
  • The most important reason you need to write for yourself

Mentioned In This Episode: 

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