Your First Writing Prompt

Lesson 15 Chapter 7 Module 2

Congratulations! Huzzah!

You’ve made it through the first week of the course.

I’d have a party, complete with cupcakes and champagne (or brisket and soda water — whatever you like to celebrate with), but I’m pretty sure that would lead to some disastrous consequences if I did that every day for every person in here.

Hope you had a lovely Rest Day yesterday, and took some time to step away from computers, lessons, work, and life to enjoy some of the quiet bliss of fun and relaxation.

Today, we’re diving into the heart of what you came here for: making you a master writer

For that reason, on the last day of every week’s worth of lessons, you’ll be the one doing the creating and writing.

Attached, I’ve included some of the key takeaways and ideas from the lessons this week, along with some additional questions and thoughts to get your mind thinking even more.

This comes at the end of the week so you can cumulatively think on everything, rather than only consider them within the scope of that day’s excerpt.

Additionally, I haven’t included much in the way of opinion and commentary on the daily lessons, because that could immediately influence what you thought of them, and that’s not the point of this course.


You’re probably a bit confused, as you thought that you were here to learn to write like the masters, and you absolutely are.

But at the end of the course, you can’t just keep copying other writing. You need to be developing your own voice, vision, style, tone, opinions, content, lessons...well, you get the point.

Which is why today’s writing prompt is as big picture as the lessons have been this week:


At the end of this course,

What kind of writer do you want to become?

Happy writing!

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