Read Like a Writer

Lesson 9 Chapter 4 Module 2

Yesterday was a non-fiction and slightly (ok, more-than-slightly) academic excerpt on the questions to ask yourself to engage your active reading skills.

Tomorrow’s lesson will be on some of the lighter sides to reading—because while we should be “getting” something from everything we read, sometimes what we “get” is an escape and delightful experience outside ourselves. (It's actually one of my favorite lessons in the whole course!)

Which brings us to today's lesson.

Have you ever read a work of brilliant writing from someone, and walked away not inspired, but feeling overwhelmed. Like you could never do what they're doing or you might not be as smart as they are or you didn't have the right skills and experience or you didn't know better than to use run-on sentences that just seem to go on and on and on about your anxieties and fears?

Well, Francine Prose has your back.

She took the lessons and writing workshops she attended throughout her entire schooling and turned them on their ear when she started teaching herself.

Rather than getting caught up in the structure and settings and story plots, she started telling her students to pay attention to the words and language and style. To figure out how they might be able to take some of their favorite (and most challenging) nuances and apply them to their own writing.

Sound familiar?

Needless to say, when I was reading new (to me) books and articles for this course, as soon as I came across this one I devoured it.

Talk to you tomorrow - for real. You'll see...

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