On Rest and Flow

Lesson 13 Chapter 6 Module 2


You’ve earned your first Rest Day of the course.

These are sprinkled throughout the lessons, at points when you are just about ready to chuck the entire thing out the window and apply for various barista jobs around town.

(Side note: I once burned out in just this fashion writing terrible on-demand SEO articles. I decided I would rather sling coffee in a Starbucks than ever write another article like “How to Fix Your Own Piano Damper Pedal” and applied for a dozen service jobs that afternoon. I did not get a single interview, and had three reply to tell me I was overqualified. I guess coffee shops get a lot of these “Eff it all, I’m checking out” desperation applications.)

Much like any serious exercise or lifestyle change program, you need to take some time occasionally to step away and focus on other things. Otherwise, you’ll grow resentful and frustrated — and that’s a best case scenario.

This is especially true with writing and creativity.

So today, do something else. Need some ideas?

  • Go for a walk
  • Make plans for a coffee or dinner date with someone who makes you laugh until you cry
  • Play with something, somewhere (playgrounds and board games around a kitchen table are good activities here)
  • Cook something fun
  • Take a bath
  • Lay on the couch or in a field, and listen to your favorite album or playlist

Those are a few of my go-to’s “writer’s block” solutions. In time, you’ll find your own. You want something that will possibly get your blood flowing, give your mind a bit of break, provide light-hearted enjoyment and glee, or allow you to just stop and relax.

Finding your optimal flow for writing and creating is really about knowing when you are “in the zone” and when stepping away will only make it better.

If you are really worried about getting out of the routine of writing daily, I included another batch of quotes below, you can give those a go. Or simply read them and give them some thought. This is about what works best for you.

Enjoy today, and remember you earned it. You need it. And most importantly, after five days straight of a new routine and writing commitment, you’ve earned it.

PS - Tomorrow will be your first writing prompt, in which you’ll step away from copying what master writers have penned, and take to the assignment yourself. Another reason today’s break is getting you ready to catapult forward!

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