Meet Jimmy

Lesson 61 Chapter 4 Module 6

As we get into this second half of the course, we’ll be focusing more and more on the literary and traditional concepts behind writing and storytelling.

Things like characters and heroes.

Which can be a little weird to wrap your mind around if you aren’t writing fiction or narrative nonfiction.

Why would you need to know about characters if you are writing about your business or a professional brand?

Well, today, we’re looking at one of the most common applications for businesses and brands to create “characters” in their writing.

But wait!

If you are writing fiction or narrative nonfiction, there’s something here for you as well.

One of the most popular podcasts in the entrepreneurial space for years on end now is the show Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas.

How did he go from a real estate agent hustling daily conversations with business owners on the side to a multi-million dollar making podcast guru?

He’s the first to tell anyone, it was by creating an Avatar.

In today’s lesson, his partner Kate Erickson takes to their blog to share in her series “The Fire Path” exactly how John created Jimmy, an avatar (character) representation of what he thought his ideal listener would be like.

Then he wrote it all out.

He even created a video (in Further Reading) that introduces Jimmy.

He got to know the ins and outs of the character of Jimmy like the character was a new best friend.

Once he had that knowledge, continuing to create content for Jimmy became easier and easier, because he knew what Jimmy would probably like.

And then he was able to create products that Jimmy would buy, because he knew what problems and fears Jimmy had.

He and Kate make six-figures a month in their business, and have done so for years.

You can do this for fiction and nonfiction writing as well. Or content writing and articles, if you aren’t necessarily looking for people to “sell things to.”

Cause if you are writing, you are selling.

As an author or writer, you are selling your ideas and stories to your readers every time they click a link or open a book.

So you will want to make sure you know who you are writing for.

Have you ever considered creating an Ideal Reader Avatar for your own book, anthology, blog, column, etc?

Really digging in and creating one, like John and Kate did?

Who knows, you might just land yourself a hundreds of thousand person following if you do.

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