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Lesson 29 Chapter 1 Module 4

Welcome to Week 3!

You are officially a quarter of the way through the course. Go find some balloons and fizzy drinks to celebrate your accomplishment.

Cause two weeks is a LONG time to be committed to doing something on a regular basis. Just ask anyone who has foolishly decided to start a diet around the holidays.

This week, we are moving out of the background and fundamentals of learning and language, and into the nitty gritty of the actual writing.

As I wrote you yesterday, I know that those first two weeks may have felt a bit trying at times, because you wanted to learn about writing, not how to understand the reading of words and the seemingly boring (to lots of people) history and use of language.

But one of the first things master writers have mastered are those exact things.

Today’s lesson is another of those fantastic regular and extended lessons that really sets us up for the next six weeks of copywork and lessons. If you can earmark the time, even if it takes a couple days to complete, I highly recommend trying to copy out the full extended version.

If you are only able to copy the shorter regular lesson, and then read the full extended version, you will still learn from it.

Ann Handley is probably one of my favorite modern writers, because she is someone who has absolutely mastered the concept of applying great writing and thinking to content marketing, bringing the quality of both to a level that isn’t always sought after.

Her Twitter bio notes that she is “waging a war on content mediocrity”, and I have happily signed on as a linguistic foot soldier in her army.

This is an excerpt from her book Everybody Writes (one of the five books I think should be a staple on any modern writer’s bookshelf), and gives an overview of the 12-Step Outline she follows for everything she creates.

Which is something you’ll continue learning as this course keeps going — that writing is part of everything you are putting out. Whether it is the caption to your Instagram or the script to your YouTube video or the ads on your podcast or the blog posts and essays you’ve now got swirling around in your mind, mastering writing and language is what will set you apart.

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