Finding Your People

Lesson 39 Chapter 6 Module 4

We’re almost three full weeks into the course, and I bet you are feeling a little lonely at times.

Writing can be a pretty lonely pursuit, what with people sitting somewhere pouring the thoughts from their own heads onto a page without having anyone else to chat to about it.

It doesn’t really help you to get things written if you are constantly distracting yourself with interacting with others.

Which can be pretty sad; and feels rather isolating.

Then, when writer’s block hits or you get some particularly harsh criticism, it is that much harder.

Maybe you don’t have someone in your world that you can talk to about these things.

Someone who understands what it is like to go through it all, as a writer, and can offer support and feedback.

Well, we’ve got you covered for that now.

I like to wait until we are a few weeks into the course, so it’s the most committed participants (if you have made it through 3 weeks of lessons and are reading this, that’s you!), but we have a private Facebook group here at Craft Your Content.

You can join the group by clicking here:

Take some fun time today to pop over, request access (we manually approve everyone), and see what folks are talking about.

A big part of being a master writer is being able to interact with, learn from, and spend time with other master writers.

Since we’re all working to get there, it seems you might just have found “your people.”

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