Dancing Lessons

Lesson 35 Chapter 4 Module 4

Today’s lesson is short, but that’s because it isn’t exactly easy to follow (and that’s coming the day after The Canterbury Tales!)

I’ll let you in on a little secret — Czech writers aren’t always the most famous in literary circles, but they are certainly some of the most creative.

What else could we expect from that actual land of Bohemia?

This excerpt, from Bohumil Hrabal, may drive you a bit batty with punctuation, as if it were one long run-on sentence that is raking on your last nerve.

Well, it’s not just the excerpt.

Hrabal managed to write an entire 100-page novel as one run-on sentence.

The premise is that an older man wanders onto the beach, and begins recounting stories from his life on the group of women he encounters there.

We’ve all been in those conversations, right? Where the storyteller barely comes up for air, and somehow manages to string together about 7 different situations into one very long and surprisingly cohesive tale.

After you copy this, give it another reading with that in mind. Someone who is breathlessly sharing the entire breadth of his life experiences with strangers on the the shore.

Kinda cool how words and punctuation can relay that, huh?

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