Amateurs vs Professionals

Lesson 31 Chapter 2 Module 4

Today’s lesson is the most recent of all the excerpts, but when I read it I absolutely knew that I wanted to include it in the course.

It is easily one of the most polarizing pieces of the entire course, as it makes you think hard about what level your commitment and writing is at right now.

Are you going to be a writer who inspires the masses? Do you want to build a platform or website you can monetize? Leave a legacy that keeps people reading your work for generations?

How did you describe yourself as a writer in the future?

Are you going to be committed to becoming a master writer, and really thinking of your craft at that next level beyond just doing something you love?

There’s no shame in writing for the love of writing, that’s what journals and social media updates are for. But if you are going to be publishing and sharing what you write with the world, there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of pride in what you create and putting real effort into it.

Of course, if you are signed up for this course, my guess is you already think that way.

Additionally, this piece introduces a new structure to writing that you should know if you are going to be writing online: bulleted-lists.

Once the staple of PowerPoint presentations and agenda handouts, bulleted-lists (or bullet-point lists) have become a darling of online writing because they are easily scannable in a world of fast reading and content.

The author, Shane Parrish, does a good job here of managing to not only get a basic point made quickly with short statements, but making those basic points engaging enough that they will definitely elicit a reaction and/or emotion from you as the reader.

Love this or hate it, chances are you won’t forget it anytime soon.

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