A Message to Readers

Lesson 11 Chapter 5 Module 2

Yesterday was a non-fiction and slightly (ok, more-than-slightly) academic excerpt on the questions to ask yourself to engage your active reading skills.

Today, we’re diving into something lighter and more narrative.

The first two weeks of this will be essay intense, as we’re getting you caught up on foundations of reading, writing, literature, language, and routine.

You know, super simple topics we can just blast through in a few excerpts and lessons!

As promised, we’ll be getting into more fiction reads as they apply to various aspects of story and writing that you can learn from.

But for now, we’re getting the introduction to a contemporary fiction novel by Jenny Colgan. It isn’t the actual fiction part of the book, but it is written in that very narrative style that pulls in readers and makes book genres like thrillers and romance such popular best-sellers.

This is just a bit of the introduction, in the interest of saving hand-muscles and time-constraints. I have also included the full introduction as an Extended (2093 words) file, if you are feeling ambitious (or just want to read through the rest).

You can find the Extended PDF as a downloadable below the embedded regular lesson, before the Further Reading links.

Enjoy today’s fun reading, because reading should be fun at least every once in awhile!

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