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How NOT to Motivate Yourself To Write

I should be writing.

I should be writing something right now.

We’ve all had that niggling feeling lurking behind our carefree enjoyment.

You’re lying in bed. Or making some toast. Or drawing little pictures of your dream house. Or doing something really quite important, like sorting all your books according to the colours of their spines.

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The War of Writing: Your Readers Are Not Your Enemies

Your readers are not your enemies.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

You might think: I don’t think that—I love my readers.

Or maybe: I’d love MORE readers.

No matter what kind of writer (or speaker) you are, it’s amazing how the subtle feeling that your audience is the enemy can sneak in. Once it’s there, it can give writing a defensive tone that is a major turn-off—the opposite of what we all want.

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