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Why “How To Be A Writer” Advice Is Usually Useless

How did you become a writer? How do I become a writer? How do I become a better writer?

Over the course of my 10+ years as a freelance writer, I’ve heard all these questions and a dozen variations on them. As soon as someone finds out that I spend my time sitting in cafes, sipping cappuccino, tortoise-rimmed glasses on, pouring myself into articles and stories, laughing aloud at the brilliant and witty prose I just created, they immediately want to know how they too can live such an illustrious life.Continue reading

Mind The Details

Click – Click. Click – Click.

As I wandered along the sidewalk by the moat of Chiang Mai’s Old City, I was consumed by a thought.

A delicious memory that brought a goofy grin to my face and wiped my brain slate clean. Completely lost in my mind and unaware of my surroundings I could easily have been walking on a sidewalk in Maine or Seminyak. I’m lucky I didn’t walk out into traffic or directly into another wanderer.

Yet the Click – Click. Click – Click. It brought me back.Continue reading

Being A Word Nerd Does Not Establish Your Credibility

If I had to name the love of my life, it would be language and literature.

I’m sure any future significant others will be slightly saddened to learn that tidbit of information

There are times that I simply eat/sleep/live words. The way that they sound, their meaning and etymology, their symbolism and value, their beautiful simplicity and complex constructs. Words tumble around my mind in a swirling symphony befitting a grand concert hall.

The street term for my particular affliction is “Word Nerd” and I’m more than comfortable with the title. Nerdery is not exactly something that is new to me, grammatical or otherwise.

The hair on the back of my neck prickles up and I have a physical reactive need to correct errors when I see them appear.Continue reading

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