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Dan Norris

Writers’ Rough Drafts – Episode #26 With Dan Norris


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Dan Norris is a serial entrepreneur with a discriminating eye and tenacious ability to create excessive amounts of content for the various businesses he has started. His third business, WPCurve, launched with just two weeks of personal and professional runway, a story he chronicles in his best-selling book The 7 Day Startup. He has gone on to launch other businesses, including a brick-and-mortar brewery called Black Hops Brewing on the Gold Coast in Australia, and built WPCurve to be a seven-figure company off the back of his content marketing and writing efforts. His newest book, Content Machine, outlines the process he has followed to create buzz for his businesses and establish him as a noted speaker and authority on all things content and marketing.

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Crazy What You Can Learn From Climbing Inside A Writer’s Mind

Every episode of the Writers’ Rough Drafts podcast, Elisa asks the same list of Either/Or questions during our “Inside The Writer’s Mind” lightening round. It’s a fun little game that might feel a little tedious to anyone listening, as it seems to be a redundant waste of two minutes.

But, inside Elisa’s mind, there exists a trove of statistics and resources that she is constantly cultivating and organizing to learn more about the world and people around her.

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modern love submissions

The New York Times Modern Love Column Submission Tips and Lessons Learned

Updated April 3, 2020

Ever wished you knew EXACTLY how to crawl into an editor’s brain and figure out how to get to the top of their submissions pile?

As we were reviewing a recent draft of a submission for a client, to provide feedback and edits, I thought it might be a good idea to see what advice existed out there to help his submission get to the top of the queue.Continue reading

Can We Make It A Word?

Someday I’ll do a post that includes my most frequent notes to my editor when I’m sending her stuff I’ve written.

For today, though, I’m just going to touch on one of the Top 5 or so.

It goes a little something like this:


Language is an interesting tool. As a former classical studies major, I spent the better part of a decade studying Latin writing and theory. Which is a blessing and a curse.Continue reading