Shanece GrantContent Editor

Shanece Grant is a writer, editor, and digital marketer with 8+ years of experience creating captivating content. With expertise in copywriting, SEO, and managing Google Ads, Shanece excels in delivering impactful marketing messages. Shanece is passionate about nature, languages, research, and storytelling. If she could do anything, she would explore other galaxies in person. In her free time, you can find her writing horror stories.

Has been part of the team since: June 2023

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion: Pursuing alternative education paths outside of traditional institutions, such as self-directed learning, unschooling, or pursuing unconventional skills. This challenges the conventional notion that formal education is the only path to success. It also emphasizes individual autonomy in shaping one's educational life journey.

Specialties & Interests: Short stories, script writing, poetry, hobbies, lifestyle, philosophy, technology

Location: Jamaica

Most Read Book: Duma Key by Stephen King, The Harry Potter Series, Runaway Jury by John Grisham

Favorite Story to Tell: Growing up, I had these extraordinary neighbors whose cars were like time machines straight out of the past. They were ancient relics, probably not even street legal, and to top it all off, they had absolutely no brakes. Can you imagine? But here's the kicker: It didn't faze them one bit. I'd watch in awe as they fearlessly leaped out of their moving vehicle, gracefully tucking and rolling to safety, or simply wait patiently for the car to come to a halt on its own. The absence of brakes never hindered them from squeezing every drop of adventure out of life. And that got me thinking, if they could conquer the road without brakes, then what could possibly stand in my way?