Lawina Radoli - Executive Assistant

Lawina is a journalist by profession, with experience in Project Management, content writing and editing, and social media management. She has created content for websites, blogs, research, and technical fields. Previously, Lawina worked as a news editor for a local news and lifestyle website in Kenya. There, her favourite part of the job was to mentor new writers, as she loved to see them grow. As an Executive Assistant, she ensures the smooth operation of the company. With her previous experience in Project Management and customer service, she can handle client inquiries and other admin related duties. Lawina is also a dog lover who loves cooking, reading, and spending time with her family during her free time.

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion:  Writing should be expressive and conversational. Your readers should be able to feel closer to you while reading your content. They should feel like you are having a conversation with them (Make your content relatable). Also, you don’t have to be too formal to pass your message across. Let your personality stand out through your writing. Crack some jokes, engage the readers and just let your words flow.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Most Read Book: Think Big by Ben Carson

Favorite Story to Tell: I don’t really have a favourite personal story. I am naturally a storyteller and I narrate stories depending on what we are discussing at the time. I feel like my whole life has been an adventure, and therefore, I just tell stories as I remember without necessarily having a favourite one.