Joaquin Roman - Senior Copy Editor

Joaquin has a degree in Business Administration from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and an associate degree in computer science from the City University of New York. He also holds a certification in Editing from The Poynter Institute (through the American Copy Editors Society.)

He has always enjoyed the idea of trying to interpret what people are saying, either verbally or in writing, and has always been interested in the written word. He won a spelling bee once in grammar school (I was proud of that). That may be how he found his way into copy editing and proofreading, which he really enjoys. And just for fun, he enjoys breaking wooden boards; he is a Karate blackbelt.

Has been part of the team since: June 2018

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion: If you want something hard enough, you’ll find a way to get it or get it done. Define your goal, draw up a plan, and execute the plan. Repeat or refine as necessary. This applies to writing too

Specialties & Interests: Editing and Proofreading, ESL text, Product Description Reviews, Critiquing Written Material, Audio Transcription (including occasional Spanish to English transcription), Technology

Location: Duncan, South Carolina, United States

Most Read Book: 1984 by George Orwell

Favorite Story to Tell: A friend of mine and I were in Australia many years ago while in the U.S. military. One night, we were approached by a couple of “characters” in a nightclub. They asked us to go somewhere else for drinks. We did. Came to find out, both individuals were from a couple of then-unfriendly Eastern Bloc countries, trying to get my friend and me drunk and probably looking to get information out of us. We got out of there fast.

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