Jemimah Jones - Copy Editor

Jemimah Jones has spent most of her life reading, writing, or studying (read as fawning over) writing. She's worked as a junior/senior content writer, managing/freelance editor, creative director, and content marketing manager. She enjoys volunteering and working with nonprofits, and if she isn't reading or listening to alte music in her spare time - she's likely writing or performing spoken word.

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion:  Like innovation in how we use technology (think Slack), the way we use and present our writing (and what we believe we can achieve with it) should always be expanding and improving. Toss the rulebook.

Location: Calabar, Nigeria

Most Read Book: Born A Crime by Trevor Noah; "After God, Fear Women" by Eloghosa Osunde (in The Georgia Review, Spring 2021)

Favorite Story to Tell: I've always known that I wanted to work with words, but I did a tonne of experimenting before making the decision to move fully into writing and editing. Long story short, I've been a social media marketer, graphic designer, founder, web developer, UI/UX developer, product designer, product manager, and a couple other things. Nothing really fit as snug as editing does, but it's been quite fun.