Chris Angelis - Senior Content Editor

Chris Angelis has a PhD in English literature from the University of Tampere. Besides his academic research in Gothic/horror & science fiction literature, he is also a writer of literary fiction, and the owner of a literature blog, Home For Fiction. Furthermore, he develops programs focusing on literature, writing, and texts in general.

I believe in this principle, even though it isn’t always the popular opinion: Writing is not about sales, recognition, riches, or glory. It’s not about pleasing others. Writing is about an attempt to understand the world and, if possible, to dream a better one into being. Ultimately, we all write for ourselves.

Location: Tampere, Finland

Most Read Book: For purely practical reasons (my doctoral dissertation), I must have read Dracula so many times that it’s embarrassing to count.

Favorite Story to Tell: When I was 11 or 12, vacationing at my grandparents’ house, I accidentally drank some lighting fluid that was kept in an empty water bottle. I was terrified, but even more so when I heard a neighbor suggesting I should be taken to the hospital. My grandparents thought there was no danger – they gave me to drink some milk and olive oil. I was fine a few hours later, though my breath smelled like a disintegrating diesel engine for a couple of days. Ah, fun times…