Alice Sholto-Douglas - Copy Editor

Alice Sholto-Douglas completed her Master’s in English Language, Literature, and Modernity at the University of Cape Town in 2019. Additionally, she holds an Honours degree in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production (Global Liberal Studies) from New York University. For the last four years, she has taught English at the University of Cape Town, and she currently works as an editorial assistant for Social Dynamics Journal (Taylor & Francis). Writing and teaching are two of her favourite things in the world. She believes that anyone can write well with enough time and the right instruction.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Most Read Book: The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Favorite Story to Tell: When I was little, about ten years old, I wrote a letter to Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series) because I was under the illusion that Hermione was me in the future, and I needed him to know. It made complete sense in my head. In the letter, I wrote, "I have a ginger cat, like Hermione, love school and books ... like Hermione. I think I might be Hermione. I know it's silly! But I think it's true" – and then, scrunched up because I'd run out of space – "Please write back." I left it on the windowsill for an owl, and Dumbledore never wrote back.