Manuscript & Book Editing

Ah, welcome to our happy place.

What? We’re word nerds. Books are like our golden rings… we’d scale Mordor to get our hands on a great manuscript. (Did I mention the nerd thing?!)

A majority of the writers we’ve worked with not only landed best-sellers status on Amazon and various book lists, but they have also managed to stay there.  We’re not saying we’re the ONLY reason, but we are definitely a common factor. You do the math.

Because of all this… we’re pretty snobby about the projects we’ll take on. Part of the success of our author roster is based in the simple fact that we only work on exceptional ideas and books.

The standard book editing package will include:

  • 3 Rounds of Copy Edits – Checking for typos, errors, grammar mistakes, etc at three critical points in the editing process
  • 2 Rounds of Inline Edits – Feedback on inconsistencies in the narrative, delete unnecessary excerpts, improve readability and clarity.
  • 1  Developmental Structure Edit – Fully reviewing the manuscript to rearrange the organization (when necessary), pull the narrative consistently through so your book tells a story, and offer insights for additional content or topics to add.

If you have a completed (or near completed) non-fiction manuscript focusing on topics like: philosophy, psychology, entrepreneurship, history, thought-leadership, innovation, creativity, or politics, then it might just be a perfect fit.

Tell us more about your book and let’s see if we can make some word magic happen.

Book pricing starts at $2000 per project

taylorpearson“Ever the downplayer. You should have read the version before Elisa and her team got their hands on it! It was 3x as long. Thank you amazing editor who makes me sound good.” – Taylor Pearson, The End of Jobs

Dan-Norris“Elisa and her team did an excellent job at editing my book. I’d previously never written more than a blog post, so it was a big ask to pull together a bunch of posts and turn them into a high quality book. I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Dan Norris, The 7 Day Startup and Content Machine

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