Monthly Proofreading and Editing

Are you a good writer who wants to be a great writer?

When you use canned proofreading programs or hire blind off a site, you may end up with the most grammatically correct piece of writing ever published.

But is it YOUR writing?

A number of our clients have transitioned to our V&V Editing plan because other editors and packages stripped any individual or brand personality from their writing in favor of it being “proper.”

With this package, we are constantly updating your profile within our editorial team and working with you to make sure that everything you share is exactly what you want to say:

  • We’ll have you fill out an extensive questionnaire about your most important messaging (the who, what, when, where, how, and why) for our team to reference when editing your work. You will also have an hour-long, one-on-one call with Elisa to review your answers and discuss more about your brand/personality. Afterwards, we will provide a report outlining everything you have sent and said.
  • You will work with our team, who will consistently review your work to discover more about your style and objectives.
  • Send your work to us whenever, via Google Docs, and it will be returned to you within 48 hours (up to 2K words) or 72 hours (up to 5K words). It will not only be fully proofread for errors and grammar, but we’ll also provide editorial feedback based on your Voice & Vision questionnaire and report.
  • 25% discount on any larger projects (like that book you’ve been wanting to get published…).

Tell us a little more about your business/brand and what you are looking for. We’ll look it over and let you know if we think we are a good fit for what you are need.

Monthly pricing starts at $750 

See how Adrian Rosebrock, of PyImage Search,
uses our content editing services for his Gurus course material.

“A unique mastery of copywriting, editing and writing; you are not just line-editors—you are a thought-partner and visionary.” – Jenny Blake, Life After College and JennyBlake.meadrianrosebrock

“It’s always awesome to hear such kind compliments. But my content wouldn’t be as polished without your editing. I’m happy to pay when the job is done well — and with your team, it certainly is!” Adrian Rosebrock, PyImage Search

simonpayne“Elisa’s help with writing and editing was the key turning factor in an extremely important breaking point for my business. She helped me to present my ideas in precisely the right way for the situation, and while she made everything sound way more professional, she preserved my ideas in a way that I could still identify with.” – Simon Payne, Messacorp & LeadPages

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