The Science Behind What Writing Does to Your Brain


Have you ever written for several hours, then emerged from your creative stupor feeling like you’ve just run a marathon?

I tend to hang around a lot of writers, and our routine is as follows: Wake up > eat > write > nap > eat > write > sleep. Notice that nap wedged in the middle of writing? Yeah, that’s necessary.

It could be because we’ve been staring at a screen for hours on end, or maybe it’s the growing cramp in our hands, but if you catch us sans-nap, we’re gonna look like zombies.

From start to finish, the writing process is exhausting. We all know how difficult a first draft can be, and the edits that follow are painful and seemingly never-ending. But that’s not the only reason writing drains the life out of us.

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Do Introverts Really Make Better Writers?


Admit it.

You’ve taken at least one, if not several, personality tests in your life, likely of varying veracity.

From the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (INFJ), to the Buzzfeed “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” (Hermione), we humans love it when tests can tell us who we are.

We’re self-definition and self-improvement addicts.

So, it’s no big surprise that these days the labels of introvert and extrovert have influenced our understanding of ourselves and others.

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How to Use a Journal to Become a Better Writer


Am I a writer?

How do I come up with ideas?

How do I find an authentic voice?

What if I’m no good?

How can I keep my content interesting, day after day?

How do I make my writing more engaging?

Ever wondered any of these things? Well, I’m not here to sell you a webinar, or bribe you to join my mailing list with an ebook. I’m here to propose a very old-fashioned solution that can help with all of the above: writing a journal.

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What’s Making It Hard to Find My Passion?


Finding our passion has become the new “dance like no one’s watching.”

Passion has become the new byword for vocation — an occupation or activity at which you’re particularly good and to which you feel a strong attachment. In short, it’s your calling in life, and you’re supposed to find it to allow you to follow the perfect career.

There is a bottomless well of advice out there on how to find your passion. But what if you’ve read all the articles, done all the exercises, and still can’t figure out what your passion is?

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