academic writing
Apr 27

Quotations and Citations: What Academic Writing Teaches Us About Online Content Creation

By Sarah Ramsey | Articles , The Craft

Writing is writing, right?

Nope. If you’re a writer, you know that what type of writing you’re doing matters. And it’s not just AP versus Chicago; it’s structure and style and voice.

Here at Craft Your Content, we’re all about finding ways to help your true voice shine through as you create great content. It’s a cardinal rule of ours: instead of the “right way to do things,” there’s the right way to do things for each of our clients.

Language should be flexible. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some basic tenets of writing to follow. We can create better content by following a few rules from the academic world.

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digital nomad
Apr 24

Being a Digital Home-ad — Pros and Cons of the Quiet Life

By Rosalind Atkinson | Articles , Entrepreneurship

The joys of being a digital nomad aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be.

Just as many people post pictures on Facebook that try and project an ideal life (no one really stops to take photos during horrible arguments, despairing money moments, or bedridden existential crises, do they?), so too do we often hold an ideal image of what working life outside of the nine-to-five will look like.

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Apr 20

How Procrastination is Actually Part of Your Writing Process

By Julia Hess | Articles , Writing

Confession time: I totally procrastinated while writing this article (I know, the irony in the air is thick right now).

What might come as a surprise to you, though, is that I consciously chose to procrastinate.

I listened to podcasts. I read Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please. I took a nap (or three). I went out with friends. I did all these things while my deadline for the first draft of this article grew closer and closer, each minute ticking by. But I didn’t get mad at myself for not getting started. I didn’t even think about how I wasn’t writing my article.

When you’re in tune with your own writing process, you understand how procrastinating can actually be a part of your process, just as much as brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and proofreading are all steps in the writing process.

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trigger words
Apr 17

Newsflash! Your Customers Understand Synonyms: Building Trust with Better Content

By Erika Rasso | Articles , Marketing & Publishing

As the Craft Your Content team gets older and wiser (maybe that’s just Elisa), we’ve gotten over the whole fake content marketing thing.

You know — the big push for SEO-focused articles and listicles that serve no purpose but to fill Google with more of your brand, the buzzwords that get people to buy your stuff even if they are not inclined to, and the constant pop-ups.

Part of the reason I love what I do (and love working for this company) is that we care about quality content. We write what we believe will be informative and interesting to writers and entrepreneurs like us, and we always try to honor our identity as an honest company devoted to our craft.Continue reading

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