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Mar 23

Making the Leap — 4 Things I’m Learning About Full-Time Freelance Life

By Gina Edwards | Articles

One of my favorite television shows of all time is The Office.

If you’ve never seen it, it has all the fixings of the stock corporate workplace: drab decor, underwhelmed employees, bland work, and a cringey-yet-lovable manchild as a boss.

It was a show that spoke to those in cubicleland.

Part of what made people fall in love with The Office was not just its ability to portray touching moments in a mundane setting, but also its documentary-like film style that allowed characters to speak directly to the audience about their lives in this all-too-familiar setting.

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content calendar
Mar 22

Trello as an Editorial Calendar : How To Make It Work

By Elisa Doucette | Articles

Last Updated: March 20th, 2017

Managing an editorial calendar is a bit like the horror of herding kittens or trying to nail gelatin to a wall.

A frustrating and seemingly impossible task.

When I set up Craft Your Content, I got to experience this joy — with not only our own editorial calendar but also a dozen client calendars as well.

I figured out pretty fast that we needed a solution that was more robust than the Google Spreadsheet, steno-pad planner, and wing-and-a-prayer method I had been using for my own editorial process.

Wing-and-a-prayer is not only unprofessional, it also causes a lot more headaches than it is worth.Continue reading

Mar 20

“He Cannot Choose But Hear” – Engaging Your Audience Through Storytelling

By Is Andrews | Articles

He holds him with his glittering eye—
The Wedding-Guest stood still,
And listens like a three years’ child:
The Mariner hath his will.

— from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In the age of information, how do we choose to communicate?

The answer is… in the same way as we have done for thousands of years.

Humans tell each other stories.

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Mar 13

Everyone is Doing This Wrong in Their Author Branding (But You Can Fix Yours)

By Sydney Scrogham | Articles

As an author, your brand is more than just a cover image, logo, and design scheme.

You’re told by publishers and industry professionals to build a platform and sell your book. When it comes time to act, however, there is little guidance provided for how to do that effectively. Pumping out “buy my book” messages makes you look self-serving and turns readers off.

There’s an entire flavor to branding that a lot of authors miss, and it’s hurting their chances of connecting with their target readers!Continue reading

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