About Craft Your Content

Writing is a lonely pursuit.

We don’t want that for you.

Too often, as writers we sit isolated at our computers, tumbling into the darkness of our own minds and over-thinking everything.

You worry what your audience will think, you wonder if you have enough words in an article, you try to write things the way you say them, and you spend far too much time scouring the internet for the perfect image to insert into your posts.

You get lost in your own head and never get to hit the Publish button. Or, if you do, it is with a sinking feeling that you could have created something better.

On this site you’ll find articles, the Writers’ Rough Drafts podcast, weekly writing links and tips, and resources to learn to create the compelling content you read on other sites and books and want for your own. No more chasing down sites around the internet for training and ideas.

Working with our team, you’ll find an entire crew of like-minded professional writers and editors. We don’t want to change your writing, we want to help you make it the best it can be.

We even wrote about our vision for working with writers and authors here:

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